Hip Prosthesis
Hip Prosthesis is an implant which is used for surgical procedure in which the hip joint is replaced by this implant. The fenestrated stem allows the bony-in growth for improved fixation. Austin Moore Hip Prosthesis are indicated for degenerated femoral head replacement. Bipolar Hip Prosthesis offered a better range of movement with less pain and more stability than the fixed-head Hip Prosthesis in elderly patients with displaced femoral neck fractures.
  • Austin Moore Hip Prosthesis
  • Thompson Hip Prosthesis
  • Austin Moore Hip Prosthesis (Narrow Stem)
  • Bipolar Hip Prosthesis (Non Fenestrated)
  • Bipolar Hip Prosthesis (Fenestrated)
  • A.M Head Gouge Set
  • A.M Rasp with Tommy Bar
  • Thompson Rasp with Tommy Bar
  • Head Impactor Nylon Faced
  • A.M Head Extractor with Hook
  • Head Extractor Judet
  • Murphy Skid
  • S.S Sterilization Containers with Two Trays S.S
  • Hollow Chisel
  • Capner Gauge
  • Bone Curette