Large Fragment - Locking
The Large Fragment Locking implant set contains the 4.5 mm Locking implants and related instruments required for DCP and LC-DCP Plating. It enables fracture treatment using compression plating with conventional cortex screws. Large Fragment implants are used to fix fractures of various long bones, such as Humerus, Femoral and Tibia.
  • Drill Bits for Quick Coupling
  • Quick Coupling T Handle
  • Tap for Quick Coupling
  • Double Drill Sleeve
  • Counter Sink Shaft
  • Drill Sleeve for Locking Compression Plate 3.5mm
  • Depth Gauge
  • Mini Screw Forceps Self holding
  • Small Hexagonal Screw Driver
  • Large Hexagoonal Screw Driver with Holding Sleeve
  • Bending Pliers with Rolls
  • Sharp Hook
  • Self Centering Holding Forceps
  • Reduction Forceps Serrated Jaw
  • Reduction Forceps with Points
  • Retractor Small